NDA Athletic Association

Notre Dame Academy Athletic Association (NDAAA)

The primary purpose of the NDAAA is to promote and encourage the spiritual welfare of both NDA and its covenant parishes. The covenant parishes consist of St. Lawrence and Mary Queen of Peace (formerly St. Helens & St. Denis) The NDAAA organizes, promotes, and finances the organized sports and equipment among the youth of NDA within the rules and guidelines of CSAA. Monies for the NDA sports programs are raised through the gate fees collected at CSAA sporting events at each of the covenant parishes. Fifty percent of the collected gate fees at each covenant parish goes to the NDAAA and the remaining fifty percent stays at the covenant parish hosting the CSAA sporting event. Each covenant parish keeps 100% of concession monies collected during sporting events held at their locations. The monies collected and diverted to the NDAAA go to pay for CSAA franchise fees, uniforms, equipment, trophies, plaques, etc. for all NDA sporting teams.

The NDAAA Executive Board 


Vice President



Executive Athletic Director

Associate Athletic Director

Parish Member at Large

The NDAAA holds a general membership meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. It is held at the Mary Queen of Peace (formerly St. Helens) gym at 7:00pm. These meetings are open to all NDA sport families.

Parish Booster Clubs

The covenant parishes of Notre Dame (St. Lawrence & Mary Queen of Peace) each maintain a parish Booster Club. These Booster Clubs are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their respective sporting facilities and equipment. Each Booster Club spends a great deal of time raising money to upkeep their facilities. Money is raised by assorted parish events such as Monte Carlo Nights, Fish Frys, Night at the Races, etc, as well as the hosting of CSAA athletic leagues.