Tuition Information

NDA’s 2020 – 2021 school tuition is broken down into categories and tiers based on each family situation. We have annual tuition rates and discounted rates based on active parish participation and 3 tiers based on the number of students per family.  


Regular 1 – One Student – $ 8,346

Regular 2 – Two Students – $ 9,353

Regular 3 -Three or More Student – $ 10,071

Discounted Tuition

If a family is active in one of the founding parishes, St. Lawrence or Mary Queen of Peace, or a non-school parish, that family could qualify for a discounted tuition rate.  To qualify active status will be verified with the parish prior to the start of the school year.

Discount 1 – One Student – $ 6,279

Discount 2 – Two Students – $ 7,274

Discount 3 – Three or More Students – $ 8,399

Click the link below for additional Financial Aid information

Payment Options

We understand the commitment families make to send their children to a Catholic school, therefore we will work with all families to ensure appropriate payment arrangements are made to fit a family’s budget. We participate in FACTS, an online payment system, for easy tuition payments, and management of tuition accounts. Click below to set up or access your FACTS account.